About Us

PRATAP CHANDRA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION embodies the spirit of collectivism and collaboration to create an institution of excellence. It was a dream dreamt by the visionaries of the students of West Bengal that have shared a common culture and a tradition of pursuit of excellence in learning. When the Institute thus came into existence, it epitomized the futuristic vision of the education that foresaw the need for raising the benchmark of quality in teaching that would, on the one hand, strengthen the competence of every learner across the curriculum and on the other, catalyse a process of quality improvement in all the aspects of school education. To realize this lofty and worthy dream, the learned advisories of the Institute came together and resolved to nurture, support and guide the growth of the Institute as a premier body of teacher training, research and empowerment.


Over the seasons APRATAP CHANDRA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has grown into an institution that commands respect and recognition for the production of the teachers not for the production of the service holders. It has carved a niche for itself in the field of teacher development with a happy integration of face-to-face mode of delivery of knowledge and skills. In recent year the Institute has successfully harnessed satellite resources for extending the reach of its programmes to hitherto unreached segments of teachers. Apart from these initiatives, the Institute has also been proactive in the areas of materials production, designing of need-based courses for different professional groups, to help practising teachers and teacher aspirants continue their professional development and enrichment.

The PRATAP CHANDRA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is set amidst sylvan surroundings in the sprawling campus. It is not so far away from the heart of the city. The lush green and serene environs of the Institute campus provide a conducive atmosphere for learning.